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Each member is entitled to the introductory Man Of The Earth Degrees which celebrate the cycle of incarnation of each Star-Individual. The Prophet explains the nature and basic symbolism of the OTO initiations in Magick Without Tears, Chapter XIII:

“Let us begin at the beginning. What is a Dramatic Ritual? This is the celebration of the Adventures of the God we intend to invoke. (Euripides' Bacchae is a perfect example of this.) Now, in the OTO, the ceremonies having as their object the Initiation of the Candidate, it is his Path into Eternity that is revealed in dramatic form.

What is the Path?
1. The Ego is attracted to the Solar System.
2. The Child experiences Birth.
3. Man experiences Life.
4. He experiences Death.
5. He experiences the World Beyond Death.
6. This entire cycle of Pivotal Events retreats into Annihilation.

In the OTO this succession of stages is represented as follows:
1. 0° (Minerval)
2. I° (Initiation)
3. II° (Consecration)
4. III° (Devotion)
5. IV° (Perfection or Exaltation)
6 PI (Perfect Initiate)

Among these Events of Stations on the Path, all except the 3rd (II°) represent single critical experiences. We, however, are primarily concerned with the extremely varied experiences of Life.

All subsequent Degrees of the OTO are consequently elaborations of the II°, given that in a single ceremony it is difficult to outline, even in the most concise outline, the Teaching of the Initiates regarding Life. Rituals V° –IX° are therefore instructions for the Candidate on how he can direct himself; and they give him, gradually, the Magical Secrets that make him a Master of Life."

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